Wiki_Map is a free open source collaborative Geographic Information Knowledge-base tool to enable community participation in information generation, processing and dissemination. It will enable local participation to create GIS database in areas presently not covered adequately. This will be useful for proper planning, navigation, collaboration by different agencies. This will also make possible to integrate small bits of information to a comprehensive information base.

Prime feature of the project is a Map repository and server. It will allow uploading and integration of local detailed maps into remotely located knowledgebase to enable seamless navigation and sharing of information. It will enable varities on input to be used in creating the geographic knowledge warehouse. In addition to map storing it will have flexible geo-coding engine to enable locating house from house address. To cope up with frequent renaming of roads the system should maintain past histories for the names also. e.g. It should be possible to search for a house with old as well as new street names.

At a later date the project will generate navigation information and enable this to be downloaded into PDA or laptop. The target is to enable dynamic information processing to avoid congested road and also to integrate speech capability with navigation. This will be great help for visually challenged people.

Joining the group:
Wiki-Map is looking for volunteers for the following:

  1. Google-Map Developers : You have good grasp of Google Map API and willing to put in Minimum 10 Hrs/week on this project
  2. Interface Developers: You have good understanding of GIS tools and can tweak a bit of Perl/Ruby/C/Java. You are willing to learn various GIS tools in FLOSS domain and interface them with wiki-map for data exchange
  3. Location Expert: We need good data to make the wiki_map work. You are knowledgeble about the area you live. You are willing to do some legwork by collecting information on road junctions, important land marks and update those information in wiki-map.

If you want to join the group write to wiki-map-owner@lists.sourceforge.net

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